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Build upon my experience from more than 2 decades of software development. How can I help you?

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Here are some examples where I can support you and your team:

Building apps and systems

  • Creating apps that work across all platforms – even with little resources.
  • Deploying apps that survive traffic from millions of users at once, with zero downtime.
  • Building mobile web apps with a snappy look & feel – that win prizes and get featured in app stores.
  • Complex or big data visualization.
  • Deciding if / how you should implement Kubernetes, containerization, or other cloud technologies.
  • Saving money on infrastructure and its maintenance.
  • Best practices for efficient remote work, high code quality standards, DevOps, CI/CD, IT security.
  • A professional review of your IT architecture.
  • Improving your service reliability, or speeding up slow systems.
  • Refactorings to keep your tech stack sustainable, but cutting-edge.

IT & Product Management

  • Finding funding sources for your business.
  • Increasing team productivity while reducing stress.
  • Building new, diverse teams – on-site or remote – with frictionless remote coworking.
  • Everything open data, open source, open government, and the digital transit ecosystem.
  • Changing course if your project is in danger of going havoc.
  • Making your product more inclusive and accessible – while improving revenues.
  • A professional review of your UX, and/or business model.

I'm tech agnostic; we should choose our tools dependent on our goals and existing team skills. I know the pitfalls of dev teams and how to build long-term stable, self-sustaining projects – both in terms of tech and revenue. If you want, read more about my expertise.

You can hire me as a trainer for your team, for whiteboard sessions, or directly show me code or documents to dive in.

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