A new standard for real-world accessibility data.

A11yJSON is a GeoJSON-compatible data format to specify real-world accessibility. With more than 150 criteria, it covers tangible products, physical places, elevators and escalators, services, and events.

If your data covers things that happen in the real world, thinking about accessibility isn’t optional. This doesn’t only help you to create an inclusive product: accessibility is often an innovation accelerator, as it benefits everyone.

To include accessibility info in your data, simply mark it up with A11yJSON. As a bonus, you get a simple way to exchange it with other accessibility-related apps.

Here is an A11yJSON snippet:

Learn more about A11yJSON – get inspired for your own data formats, and don’t forget to give it a ⭐️ on GitHub to increase its visibility!

Together with Framefield, I co-created the open spec for Sozialhelden – it’s the data format for accessibility.cloud and Wheelmap.org.