About Sebastian Felix Zappe


I'm CTO at Sozialhelden e.V. in Berlin / Germany, and freelancer (You can hire me.)

Experience: More than 20 years commercial software development, programming since the age of 8.

Languages: German (native), English (business-fluent), Icelandic (en bara smá).

Tech experience (in buzzwords)

  • Agile team and project management (with in-house and remote teams)
  • Tech evangelism
  • Software QA - BDD, TDD, cloud test platforms, building full CI/CD systems from scratch, good documentation & unit-tested high-quality code
  • Open Source maintenance
  • Various SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Performance optimization & profiling
  • GIS, location-based services
  • Real-world and software accessibility (WAI)
  • Contributing to tech standards (W3C LDA, A11yJSON, GTFS)
  • Data mining, web scraping
  • Complex data visualizations
  • Making tangible things: rapid prototypes with 3D printing (SLA/FDM), computer-aided machining (CNC/CAM), Autodesk Fusion 360, soldering, signal analysis
  • Animated 3D graphics (Cinema 4D, OpenGL)
  • IoT, electrical engineering, sensors & digital signal processing, RFID, Bluetooth, Particle Cloud
  • Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D, Autodesk Fusion 360
  • Online banking
  • Online / Mobile advertising
  • Social network analysis
  • MIDI, OSC, DMX, VR, live events, real-time scene control

Programming Environments + Technologies

In the recent past, I have actively worked with:

  • Kubernetes / DevOps. Prometheus, ElasticSearch, Grafana, Argo Workflows, Argo CD, nginx
  • JavaScript / ECMAScript / TypeScript on client and server, ES6+, Node, Meteor, React, Cordova, Backbone, d3, Three.js, Mapbox
  • Objective-C++ / Swift on iOS / macOS, Xcode, Cocoa (Touch), complex UIKit apps, CoreAnimation. Earlier: CoreData, Bonjour, Distributed Objects
  • Java / Kotlin on Android
  • C / C++, Visual Studio Code, Xcode, Eclipse, Visual C++, KDevelop, MacOS X / Cocoa, boost, OpenGL, TCP/IP

I'm not actively using these things anymore, but have used:

  • Mathematica
  • Ruby, Ruby on Rails, RubyMotion / Gem development
  • Java, Eclipse RCP, SWT
  • processing
  • PHP